FMRP offers a unique opportunity to preserve and promote our past, improve our recreation opportunities and contribute to the economic future of our region. With the development of FMRP, many jobs will be created in design and construction, plus permanent jobs to manage and maintain the facilities.  FMRP will have significant economic impacts through tourism, festivals, and historic interpretation.

The development of FMRP will have a positive economic impact on Missoula in many significant ways. In 2011, the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) compiled research on the projected economic impacts of the FMRP project on Missoula. Their research finds that:
• Between 24,000 and 60,000 out of Missoula County visitors will spend between $1.4M and $3.1M annually. This includes mostly food, accommodation, entertainment, gas and retail, and does not include tournament entry fees and retail purchases at the tournament.
• Between 15 and 34 permanent jobs in the community will be created as a result of the FMRP project from this spending.
• These figures do not include the economic impact and job creation of the construction and development of the Park. Neither does the research address positive community appeal the Park will add, affording yet another significant incentive for business, relocation, recruitment and start-up.

Statistics from peer communities shows the following economic data and comments:
• Hosts of the Three Blind Refs soccer tournament in Kalispell report economic income generated within the community by the 2011 tournament exceeds $1,100,000.
• According to US Soccer Foundation, an average weekend 36 team soccer tournament brings $755,000 into the community.
• The MT State High School soccer finals have been held in Helena for 8 of the last 11 years; it rotates to other MT cities with satisfactory facilities. This 16 team tournament generated more than $191,000 in 2011.
o “You get an impact of over a quarter of a million dollars just in the couple of days of the tournament”, says Kathy Burwell, President of the Helena Chamber of Commerce.
o “Business’s appreciate when the state soccer tournament is held in their city, especially the positive economic impact for restaurants, hotels, shopping, etc” says Jo Austin of the MT High School Association.