Sports: Missoula has 1/3 of the fields it should have per capita

Passive Recreation: FMRP includes 5k of trails

Health: FMRP has huge physical and mental health benefits

Economic: FMRP contributes to the economic future of our region.

The Greater Area: FMRP is the anchor for open space and public access for the entire area

Why a Regional Park?
Parks and open spaces are the pride and joy of the City and Missoula County. We go to them to play sports, watch wildlife, enjoy uncluttered views, picnic with family and friends. To meet the growing needs of our city/county and to provide opportunities for all our residents and visitors to recreate, we want and need more special places where we can go to breathe, to relax, to flourish.  With 246 acres and the potential for new and varied recreation, Fort Missoula is the best investment we can make for our future.

Who benefits?
• City of Missoula residents, Missoula County residents and visitors from afar.
• Business, through locally hosted tournaments, community events, and tourism.
• Families, through enjoyment of playgrounds, picnic areas, trails and water recreation.
• Conservationists, through river access, wildlife corridors, bird habitat and native plants.
• Athletes, through facilities for softball, soccer, rugby, ultimate, Lacrosse, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, horseshoes and croquet.
• Kids, through safe places to play and learn.
• All of us, young and old, to connect with our heritage, our culture and our place.

What Will FMRP Offer Missoula?
• We know trails and open spaces encourage exercise and other healthy activities, contributing to a healthy lifestyle. FMRP will offer new trails, open spaces, and multi-use fields to meet these needs.
• Healthy lifestyles reduce the risk of childhood and adult obesity
• Economic impact of jobs for construction, maintenance, retail, and tourism
• Tourist Attraction: A regional park attracts visitors from the entire northern Rockies
• Integrates Cultural/Historical (Fort Missoula) with Physical Activities
• Economic impact of hosting sporting events. Missoula lags far behind other Montana cities abilities to host large sports tournaments, losing millions of dollars in economic benefit annually.