FFRMP is working with the following dedicated partners to achieve our mission:

The City of Missoulais a strong advocate for FMRP: In 1998, the City purchased the FMRP land using voter approved open space bond funds, in Dec 2008 the Missoula City Council adopted FMRP at full design development level, and Mayor Engen continues to support efforts to develop this park. ”Because of the regional nature of the park and the variety of constituents it’s designed to serve, I believe the project is perfect for a partnership between folks who will make use of the park, businesses that will benefit from the visitors the facility will attract, and the city itself”, says Engen.

Missoula City Parks and Recreation continues to work tirelessly toward the FMRP development goals.

Missoula County and the Missoula County Parks and Trails have been a staunch ally of FFMRP from the start, and in Nov 2012, the County Commissioners unanimously approved the design for or the county portion of FMRP. ”When you travel with kids and teams, and even adults and teams, there’s a lot of economic benefit, especially to the retail and hospitality industry,” Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss said in an Oct 2012 Missoulian article about the dedication of a recently completed section of FMRP.

The US Government’s Department of the Interior head, Ken Salazar, in 2011 designated FMRP one of the top two “America’s Great Outdoors” projects in Montana. In Oct 2012, the Missoula community celebrated this designation on National Public Lands Day, and unveiled the recently completed section of FMRP

Friends of Missoula Parks is a separate non-profit volunteer organization from FFMRP, that advocates for all Missoula parks, including working closely with FFMRP.

The Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy represents the alumni of America and strives to bring awareness to the heritage of the CCC, CCC alumni, their programs and accomplishments. The CCC Legacy is excited that the CCC theme will be Incorporated into FMRP, thereby helping to preserve this important contribution to our region and country.