About Us

FFMRP (Friends of Fort Missoula Regional Park) is a group of individuals and organizations that have been working for over 10 years towards development of Fort Missoula Regional Park as detailed in the Missoula Master Parks and Recreation Plan.

Members of FFMRP

  • Michael Caldwell, M.D.,Providence Broadway Internal Medicine
  • Donna Gaukler, Missoula Parks & Recreation
  • Rod Harsell, Valpak of Montana
  • Tate Jones, Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History
  • Heidi MacDonald, Missoula Strikers
  • John O’Connor, Five Valleys Urology
  • John Oetinger, Corporate Technology Group
  • Dayna Swanson, Senator Jon Tester
  • Grant Kier, Five Valleys Land Trust
  • Mary Windecker, Community Hospital


FFMRP is dedicated to the development of Fort Missoula Regional Park for the benefit of the entire community by promoting sports, recreation, science, historical and cultural opportunities and community benefits.

Missoula is a city rich in culture, history, community, and opportunities to enjoy our outdoor environment. Missoula area residents deeply value parks and trails as evidenced by both current and historical surveys, park usage statistics, and citizen support groups. We are a city of engaged citizens who volunteer, contribute, organize, recreate, and participate regularly in our parks system. Fort Missoula Regional Park (FMRP) presents a unique opportunity to fulfill the vision of the Missoula City 1995 Open Space Bond and further enhance the lifestyles of our citizens while adding to the amenities and economic contributors of the Garden City.

These groups supportFortMissoulaRegionalPark:

Destination Missoula, Clark Fork Coalition, Missoula City Park Board, Missoula County Park Board, Missoula City Council, Missoula Parks and Rec, National Wildlife Federation, Historic Museum at Fort Missoula, Wildwest Institute, Fort Missoula Military Museum, Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, Friends of the Historical Museum, Friends of Missoula Parks, Hellgate Lions Club, Grant Creek Kiwanis Club, Sentinel Kiwanis Club, Missoula Strikers Soccer, YMCA, Missoula Maggots Rugby, Missoula Ultimate Frisbee Federation, Missoula Softball Association and a host of others.

Your neighbors supportFortMissoulaRegionalPark:

Mayor John Engen and former Mayor Mike Kadas, Missoula County Commissioners Bill Carey, Jean Curtiss and Michele Landquist, Vicki Cochiarella, Dale Mahlum, US Senator Jon Tester, US Senator Max Baucus, Pat Williams, Barbara Evans, Doug Chase, Milt Datsopolous, Charlie Brown, Karen Knudsen, Dick Haines, Gail Gutsche, Jon Ellingson, Kathy Owens, Nancy Rice-Fritz, Bill Rossbach, Melissa Hart, John Hart, Ann Mary Dussault, David Ports, Mark and Marie Porter, Diane Sands, Dave and Monica Paoli, Tom Beers, Ron Erickson, Nancy Erickson, John and Becky Oetinger, John O’Connor, Tate Jones, Donna Gaukler, Ken Johnson, Russ Piazza, Charlie Vandam, Heidi McDonald, John Herring, Dave Scheel, Levi Diggs, Tony Sauro, Brian Lebsack, Dave Oberbillig, Rich Buley, Gary Stein, Fran Lawrence, Debra Gladback, Rod Harsell, Eileen Nelson, Beth Woody, Bob Brown, Susan Ridgeway, Karl Englund, Bruce Micklus, Helen Bolle, Steve Loken, Lloyd Twite, Jim Van Fossen, Kent Bevington, Bobbi Bevington, Andy Laue, Rafael Chacon, Martha Yates, Carolyn Squires, Jim Sadler, Fern Hart, Gerald Behrens, and a host of others.